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Because everyone loves words superimposed on pictures of sunsets.

Add this movie to the looooong list of things you helped me understand.
I need to say it: I wouldn’t erase you. It sounds pretty appealing for about a second, but I couldn’t let any of you go. Which is kind of the problem. 
And I’m a coward for saying it here, because even though I want you to know it, I don’t want to tell you. I don’t want to tell anyone who knows me and knows I’m talking about you. So here it is. I hope nothing, not even time, erases you. 
Rolling in the Deep
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shamelessly listening to Taylor Swift while waiting for Valentine’s Day to download so I can die inside. 

Distant Shore
Dierks Bentley
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First of all, holy shit this song. This song is to Katy Perry what The Harold Song is to Ke$ha. And the video is REAL ROUGH, GUYS. Wow. I think the part where old Katy is sitting in her bedroom in the future and obviously thinking about “the one that got away”, and young Katy kind of appears in the bedroom and sits next to her, is very upsetting and moving. I was surprised, but when that moment happened I couldn’t stop crying. I know, crying during a Katy Perry music video could very well be the lowest point in my life so far.

But that idea is one of my biggest fears. The idea of “the one that got away”. I thought it was incredibly melodramatic and stupid before I understood it. And the only way to fully understand it is to feel it, because it’s something you don’t know exists until it happens to you (which is why I really, really hope not many of you understand it, and if you do I’m so sorry). 

I know that I am young and have my whole life and blah blah blah. I get that. But at nineteen I can see myself at eighty, sitting on my bed, thinking about him. Maybe I’ll think about him every day until that moment, maybe I won’t have thought about him for fifty years. But he’s never not going to be something I missed out on and, in some corner of my mind, am still waiting for. There’s no reasoning through this one. I didn’t leave him, he didn’t leave me, there wasn’t a tangible period at the end of our sentence. There’s really no other way to explain it: he got away. 

The One That Got Away
Katy Perry
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10 tumblrs rocked out to this tune

I could make a pic for pretty much every line in this song, so I figured I’d just do this instead. Arctic Monkeys have the most interesting love songs; this one, Suck it and See, and Cornerstone are among my favorites. At least I think they’re love songs. Surprisingly sad when you listen to the lyrics, too. 

Reckless Serenade
Arctic Monkeys

Black Treacle
Arctic Monkeys
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today feels like a Luke Bryan day. Apparently with some Disney interspersed.